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Aaah, the joy of walking bare foot on your floor and feeling the warmth coming through your toes as if you were on a tropical beach although it is the middle of a hard London winter.

Electric Underfloor heating has become increasingly popular over the past few years as it is known for being very robust and energy efficient, not to mention the warm atmosphere it creates in your home.

But despite its robustness, electric underfloor heating can stop working. There can be many reasons why and one of the most common question we often get asked is:

ladies walking bare feet on heated floor

Can electric underfloor heating be repaired?

The simple answer is YES.

It doesn’t matter if your heating system is set up under a carpet, tiles or a wood flooring. 

There is no need to lift the whole floor to fix the problem as the electrical fault can be identified with great precision.

Using a combination of thermal imaging camera and some of the latest testing technology, it is easy for an electrical engineers to pin point exactly where the issue is located, minimising any damage that can be done to any type of floor.

Thermal imaging equipment is by far the fastest and most cost effective way of accurately identifying where your underfloor heating is not working.
This is the exact reason why we invested in this most up to date technology, so our customers can benefit from it.
See below an example of one of our recent clients who called us because he felt his underfloor heating was not doing its job.
Within minutes we were able to detect where the issue was and produce a detailed report which we're happy to share.

underfloor heating thermal image before and after

Underfloor heating repair testimonials

Watch how delighted these gentlemen were as we were able to pin point exactly where the cause of the problem was using our thermal imaging equipment. 

We managed to diagnosed and repair their underfloor heating  in no time while keeping costs to a minimum. 

Like in most cases we just needed to lift one of the tiles from the floor  which was carefully replaced afterwards, living no trace of our visit.

Is your underfloor heating letting you down?
 Call one of our registered London electricians for a free quote

Before calling an emergency electrician and spending money unnecessarily, you might want to look at a few problem-solving techniques in case your underfloor heating stops working. Let’s have a look at:

3 of the most common electric underfloor heating problems and fault-finding tips

N#1 Problem with the thermostat
Electric Display not working:
Check if there is a display on your thermostat. If you can’t see any reading, then check your fuse box hasn’t tripped. If your fuse box hasn’t tripped, then check the thermostat’s power supply.

Electric Display working:
Check if the display is showing an error code and then refer to the manual.
If the display is working as normal try resetting the thermostat’s clock
If all the above fails, you may need to replace your thermostat, in which case, you can call one of our underfloor heating electricians.

Watch the video below to find out how you can repair your underfloor heating thermostat

N#2 Problem with a temperature sensor
An electric underfloor heating is fitted with what is known as a temperature sensor. If the display of your thermostat looks abnormal, it may mean that the temperature sensor is faulty. Some companies will fit a secondary sensor which makes it easy to be replaced.
If your floor has been fitted with only one sensor you will need to install a new one. Although this is generally straight forward, a lot of people don’t feel very comfortable doing this themselves and will call one of our electricians to do the job.

N#3 Electric cable cut or damaged
This is by far the most common fault of them all but at least when it happens you know exactly where the accident happened, so there is no need to figure out the location of the issue. The other good new is that you can fix this yourself by simply purchasing an Electric underfloor heating repair kit and replaced the damage cable with a brand new one.

What should you do if you can't solve the problems?

If all the problem solving tips fails, you can call one of our Electricians to help you fix your underfloor heating.

We are located in Bexleyheath which is wedged between London, the Docklands and Kent where many properties have been fitted with underfloor heating due to a lack of gas fitting facilities in those areas so mending these problems is a big part of the electrical services we provide.

We have many years of experience fixing Electrical underfloor heating and have helped many home owners getting their heating back on track.

  • All of our Electrical engineer are City & Guild Qualified. 
  • We are also part of the British Gas Local Hero scheme

Is your underfloor heating letting you down?
 Call one of our registered
London electricians for a free quote

Frequently asked questions

What if my floor needs to be lifted in places?

We will do our best to minimise damages to your existing floor. In some instances, you may need to replace parts of the flooring that may be lifted during a repair. Check some of our work with existing clients to see the results.

Where can I find an electric underfloor heating repair kit?

You can find one of these kits easily online. One of the best places is the underfloor Heating store. They can also be found on sites like eBay and Amazon.

How much will it cost to repair my underfloor heating?

The cost will vary depending on how long and how complex the problem is. Check our rate page for more information, alternatively call us so we can provide more information.

Do you need to service electrical underfloor heating?

Like any electrical equipment, it is wise to get your equipment check and that includes your underfloor heating. We’d recommend a yearly routine check to be on the safe side.

Is electric underfloor heating efficient?

The initial installation may be a little costly at first but running it is more efficient than a conventional heating system. This is because the heat is better distributed across rooms.

What temperature should underfloor heating run at?

Obviously, it depends very much on how warm you want to be. On average it is recommended you set the temperature at around 20 degrees Celsius. This will keep your house warm and at the same time will keep your heating costs to an acceptable level.

We don't just do underfloor heating repairs

Repairing electric underfloor heating systems is one of our specialties but we're not a one-trick pony. We can also install it too. - and we're pretty good at that.
Here is an example of one of our most recent set-ups for a client's garden office.
We filmed it so we can show you how cozy it will be during the winter months.
No more cold feet, no more shivering - just comfortable warmth throughout the entire space. Does anyone fancy working from home? We've got you covered!

The most trusted technicians for electric underfloor heating repairs in London

If you're having problems with your underfloor heating, make sure you choose one of our specialist to fix the problem

Although based in East London we don’t shy away from travelling further afield to help customers in needs.

However, below are the areas where most customers get in touch with excel electricians LTD:

Orpington - Dartford - Bromley - Greenwich - Bexleyheath - Romford -Welling - Erith -  bow - Mile End- Chislehurst - Abbey Wood - Woolwich -Sidecup - Beckenham - Plumstead

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