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Outdoor lighting can be a great addition to your home for multiple reasons. it can bring your garden to life; it can help you park your car in the driveway when you are coming back home late at night, but the main reason why people want outdoor security light is to discourage burglars from entering their home.

Excel Electricians LTD has installed dozens of outdoor security lights and outside lights in general so we feel confident we can help you feel safer at home. 

They are many different types of outdoor security lighting system available on the market all with various pros and cons. So, before you call us, you might want to read on so you can decide which option is the most appropriate for your property and your needs. Below is a shortlist of the most popular choices.

Which outdoor security lights should you choose?

Motion sensor lights

Equipped with what is known as a PIR (passive infrared sensor), and unlike other outdoor security lights, motions sensor lights only turn on when a moving object is detected within its range.

This type of lighting can use a variety of bulbs if they are fit for outdoor use. The drawback is that due to their sensitivity, small animals such as birds or cats will trigger the light when detected within its range.

Motion sensor lights

Halogen flood lights

Probably the most common outdoor security lighting system used across London and the UK. Halogen lighting is very powerful, but the big draw back is that it consumes more energy than any other type of outdoor lighting.

halogen flood light

Solar Flood Lights

For the environmentally friendly.
Don't be fooled by the fact these lights are powered by the sun. They work in very much the same way as other outdoor lights. Generally fitted with LED bulbs, they can last up to 6 hours which is generally more than enough for an average house.

solar flood light

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What you need to know before fitting your security lights?

Where you decide to fit your outdoor lighting shouldn’t be a decision you take lightly. Most people in London leave in very close proximity which means a blaring light fitted outside your garage door could become a nuisance to your neighbours.

Watch out If you fit Motion sensor lights in the summer. Because when winter comes, it will be triggered far more often. If you poorly planned where they are fitted, you may become very frustrated with some light bleeding in your sitting room, or worse, in your bedroom.

An important factor to evaluate is, depending on which type of lighting you will be choosing, you will incur additional energy costs. It might be time to consider solar vs halogen lights and see what the most cost-effective solution for you will be.

Most outdoor lights can be found at the entrance of a house, outside garages or in gardens. Wherever they are it is important to position them carefully, so it is difficult for anyone to look at them directly. This is because the brightness of outdoor lights can be very damaging to anyone’s eyesight.

Outdoor security lights are not just about deterring criminals or burglars. They can easily be turned into a garden feature when carefully paced behind a plant. They are even some decorative security lights available on the market which could add character to your home

Are you considering adding outdoor security lights to your property?
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London electricians for your FREE quote

How much does it cost to install outdoor security lights?

This is a very broad question and the answer depends on many factors that need to be considered such as:

  • The type of security lights you have decided to fit in you property
  • Where the lights  need  to be fitted
  • Will you need individual switches to control  the lights
  • How many lights will you need
  • Do you want them to be wired into the main

It’s very difficult to give an exact cost unless we understand your exact requirements. Feel free to call us to discuss this further so we can give you an accurate estimate.

The cost of each individual light can vary greatly.

Starting from as little as £10.00 and going all the way up to £80.00 and more depending on the quality and the wattage of the lights.

For example, a popular choice such as the PIR Sensor Security LED light, has an average cost of around £45.00

An equally popular choice would be an external LED floodlight which you could find from around £20.

Fitting the lights will take anything between 1 to 2 hours for one of our electricians at £65/hour for labour.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the cost of running your lights. The energy consumption between the different types of lights can be widely different.

You should double check the lights specification before you  purchase so you can avoid any nasty surprises when you receive your monthly electricity bill.

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