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Why get a landlord electrical safety certificate?

A lot of us have dreamed of becoming a landlord one day and enjoy life while collecting monthly rents. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

But with being a landlord comes great responsibilities, one of which is to ensure the electrical equipment in your properties is safe. That's why it is imperative you get a landlord electrical safety certificate for each property you own.

Failing to provide safe electrical equipment could result in dramatic consequences.
According to a study published by in 2018, faulty household appliances alone would be the cause of 60 fires every week in the UK.

If you’re a landlord and you are reading this and you’re still thinking about skipping on carrying out the proper electrical inspection be ready to feel the wrath of the law.

Below are the risks you are taking if you fail to comply:

  • A £5,000 fine for each item not compliant with regulations
  • Six months imprisonment
  • Potential manslaughter charges in the event of injury or death
  • Possible invalidation of your property insurance
  • Tenants can sue their landlords for civil damages

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Ensure all electrical installations and appliances you provide are safe.
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Is a Landlord electrical safety certificate a legal requirement?

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Landlords are not required under current UK law to obtain an Electrical Certificate however they must ensure that:

  • All electrical installations such as light fittings, sockets, are safe when tenants move in and maintained throughout its duration.

  • All electrical appliance in the properties such as dishwashers, kettles, cookers, washing machine etc... are safe and have at the very minimum the CE marking (CE stands for "Conformité Européene" which means "European Conformity")

  • If your properties are in multiple occupation, also known as HMO, you will need to carry out a periodic electrical inspection every five year via an Electric Installation condition report and a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing) every year.

  • If your properties are not in HMO, it is not necessary to carry out an inspection but highly recommended.

Ensure all electrical installations and appliances you provide are safe.
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How much does a landlord electrical safety certificate cost?

Neither the Portable appliance testing (PAT) nor the Electric Installation Condition Report (EICR) are hugely expensive.

That’s why we recommend you conduct both so it gives you piece of mind.

Excel Electrician offers very competitive rates:

PAT testing starts at £60 and will include up to 10 appliances while an Electrical certificate will start at £120 for a 1 bedroom flat.

For full details on our prices visit our rates page.


Do I need an electrical safety certificate to sell my house?

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There is no legal requirement to provide an Electrical safety certificate when selling a property in the UK.

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) recommends an inspection every 10 year (note, this is only a recommendation) or whenever a property is sold (whichever happens first)

 The responsibility to carry out the test is generally down to the buyer of the property and not the seller.

Ensure all electrical installations and appliances you provide are safe.
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Do you need an electrical safety certificate to rent a house?

From the day you start renting a house you become a landlord.

As a landlord it becomes your duty, by law, to ensure all electrical equipment and appliances are safe and maintained during occupancy.

The type of certification you will have to carry out will depend if your rented properties are in multiple occupation or not.

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